This is My real earthquake story in 2015

This is My real earthquake story in 2015

The name Gorkha is well-known around the world. There are two district administrative centers and three significant valleys: Tsum Valley, Kutang Valley, and Nubre Valley.

Our first intention was to walk via the Tsum and Nubri valleys in 2015. The Tsum Valley is a non-kill valley, and hiking there began in 2008. On a map, it appears as this stubby thumb that protrudes into the Nepali district of Gorkha and the Tibet/China border.

Tibetan Buddhism is widely practiced in the Tsum valley, which is home to both Nepalese and Tibetan residents. As a result, it was illegal to kill any animal for more than a century, including insects, commencing in the wide valley’s Lokpa hamlet, which is Tibetan for “entrance.” We would eventually get to know this area quite well because it served as the entrance to the Tsum valley. People who are traveling there might consider turning vegetarian for a bit, as it was a good experience for you.

We saw the majority of the well-known sites in Tsum Valley, including Mu- Gumba (sky monastery), Rachen Gumba, and Mele Repa cave.

I don’t remember what I was teaching them at Ripchet village.
We were at Ripchet village for a lunch break, nearby the guest house there is a monastery people are praying there. We rushed to order the meal and went to the dining hall with black tea. I remember what I was doing in the cozy dining hall. The wall is shaking with each of its footfalls. It was at this exact moment our table and tea began to shake with a very deep force. I shouted to get out of here; we were in the cozy dining hall of the guest house. Both girls following me got down the open place, looked into each other’s wide eyes, and said the same thing: “earthquake”.

The villagers dropped their shovels and hoes and axes and scattered.” I wasn’t giving it much attention. I couldn’t focus, two girls caught my hand crying and I felt like a cripple man I’ve had. One of my Client’s he is out of the guest house with his wife crying, asking to me find out about him but we are trying to out from the ruins house after a few minutes he came there. Again shacking we moved the open place nearby school and we don’t have food & water just left some apple and chocolate bar after ate we decide to move next village about 3 hours walking to reach Lokpa village.

Before we move again we look back at the ruins of Ripchet village It is starting the smoke because the monastery has a puja after fallen down the lamp & incent starting to burn dry wood it going bigger we back on village help to the local people I found the many animals they are on under the ruins house cut the rope make a free, some def lady takes out from there bring the water after two hours later we succeed to control the fire. Again we are planning to go next village it was not late so we moved the from there after halfway I saw many mules have died, the path was collapsed, stones are falling down, trees are broken, every time shaking I just telling them downhill it not happened like an upper village but I feel like this is my last journey in my life I cannot visit my family because of them I don’t know where and when the stone and broken trees come to us.

Finally, evening time we arrived at Lokpa village, the house looks quite nice just a crack and meet the other trekking group and ask the accommodation for us we stopped 3 days without communication, we cooking ourselves the cooking man, he is afraid to go the kitchen because of the shaking in the night we can’t sleep well because we don’t know when & how big is come.

After three days later finally we moved from there on the way downhill we saw the local people talking on the phone call Sandy she want to call her parents to leave the message, moving the next village stocked again my client’s they are asking helicopter trying to get Heli it is not possible all private Heli used by government pick the injured person and bring the food 

After a week stocked Sandy wants to move to the next village but two of my clients don’t want just needed Heli. Sandy and me planning to move next village some of the trekkers also following us to the same place I meet a Canadian girl who is screaming in a dry landslide area that can’t walk. People are looking at the following stone and I’m getting ready to carry her across the landslide area finally. She is quite heavy, more than 80kgs fat.

Following the Budi Gandaki River & arrived the Arughat bazaar next day early morning I hear the bus man calling passenger to wake up went there asking the bus planning to Kathmandu after two weeks later immediately back guest house wake up Sandy pack the bags call the others friends they don’t respond we moved, arrived in Kathmandu she went to the Embassy I’m back at my sweet home.

My family was happy to back to live & my big brother Pratap Gurung was at Langtang village he also survive his life and we planned to distribute food, helping make a shelter home.
After half a year again we went back to work in tourism and couldn’t stop exploring our nature & cultural love the working as a trekking guide forever.
Currently, I’m working  trekking company named,

Himalayan Ecological Trekking Pvt. Ltd.





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