Nepal is Safe for SOLO Women Travellers

Nepal is Safe for SOLO Women Travellers

There are no safety issues when it comes to SOLO wandering in Nepal. Any wanderer can dwell here care freely. Nepal, a Geo-heaven on Earth, is generally considered a safe country for solo female travelers. And most importantly, much more so than its neighboring state India by many.
Nepal is not only renowned for the giant mountains and Gautama Buddha but also for the surreal landscapes and pristine nature. It boasts quaint lakes and a deep forest where birds sing, and many endangered species like the One-horned Rhino and Royal Bengal Tiger stroll. You people have also known many things about Nepal and its beguiling beauty. Indeed, it is the majestic creation of Mother Earth, it is a gifted periphery.
According to a few tourism, and travel sites in the UK, Nepal has been listed as the most numerous Uno in the world. The country is hosting millions of tourists and holidaymakers with a significant rise every year. Every season hundreds of thousands of globe trotters come here with various intentions from seeking spirituality searching for peace in life, trekking along with the shadows of Mt. Everest to meditating like Lord Shiva and Gautama Buddha. Likewise, many the female tourists have traveled with the ultimate degree of freedom in Nepal. No doubt of rays! Nepal is a peaceful country where the preacher of peace and ‘The light of Asia, Lord Gautama Buddha was born and had successfully spread peaceful messages to the entire world.

Most people over the internet and on social media tend to ask a question. How safe is Nepal for SOLO especially female wanderers? As a travel guide, what I think personally and most importantly honestly is: This should not be a question. Because Nepal is way safer than people think or simply assume.
According to the data recorded, numerous female non-native nomads in Nepal are voyaging alone which is usually not weird news. I have mentioned 10 True Reasons How Nepal is Safe for Female Solo Travelers with a positive hope that a desire, quest, and curiosity inside yours regarding SOLO trips in Nepal will quench your thirst, and answer your doubts.

10 True Reasons How Nepal is Safe for Female Solo Travelers

1. Nepal is also the land of Women too.
About 51.48% of the total population in Nepal are female. Both male and female are the two parts of the same coin i.e. one completes another and vice-versa. Besides the significant coverage of women in the census, girls are treated as the forms of mothers and are worshiped as greater than Gods in Hindu culture. On an informative note, Nepal can be listed as the only nation which has advanced rights mentioned in the constitution for females. Here in Nepal, females can enjoy their rights and freedom equally as males.

There is no point worrying while living in Nepal as it has already established and pursued the constitution by providing rights to women. Every Nepalese citizen is mostly conscious and well-informed about the values rights and responsibilities. Giving and taking respect is the most important moral of Nepalese people.

2. Guests are like Gods (Atithi Dewo Bhaba)
“Atithi Devo Bhava“, in Sanskrit, literally means a guest is like a God. From the very beginning, this adage expresses Nepali cultural character. This practice indicates centuries-old cultural characteristics of the Nepalese civilization that derived its linguistic, religious, and socio-cultural aspects from Sanskrit literature. Bygone were the days when lodges and hotels were not there like now, and travelers all over the country used to ask for a stay, at any house they came across when it was too dark to carry on their detour.
It is believed that whenever a stranger comes to one’s house he/she brings good omen, vibes, blessings, and happiness to the host. Hence, guests would be treated with respect and all sorts of hospitality so that he/she would be well satisfied and blesses the very host family. This ‘Guest like God’ tradition is stilled so deeply embedded in our Nepalese society that it imprinted a unique Nepali culture which today has become a signature trait of Nepali people and their congenial hospitality.

3. Girls are worshiped as Goddesses in Nepal
It may sounds cliché but YES! Indeed, girls in Nepal are treated as an incarnation of Goddesses. In Nepal the Kumari, the living goddess is a prepubescent girl who is chosen by a council and she represents the Newari people/community and acts as a manifestation of divine female energy.
Moreover, Kumari is believed to be the living incarnation of the goddess named Taleju and also she is reconfigured as Durga. Another fact is as Hindu is the dominant culture here the people worship and respect the girls as the figures of the goddess.

4. Women’s Rights in Nepal
As Nepal is a country of peace where females are treated as the other half of life., It has also implemented the various rights and valuation regarding women. The Federal democratic Government of Nepal has done the women empowerment for the growth, education, and rights of Women. And the good news is every woman out here in Nepal is well-informed about their rights and duties.
Besides, the government and its organs there are women’s rights councils, INGOs, and NGOs raising voices and fighting against women’s discrimination. Hence, if anywhere at anytime the discrimination activities are auctioned, the necessary probe is carried out.

5. Appreciable Security from the Government of Nepal
Ranging from Tourist Police, highway security, and National Park Security to civil security Government of Nepal is always in an alert/standby position to manage and reduce the accidental loss if the case.
Government has Police Forces, Armed Police Forces, and even Nepal Army always on duty to fight, rescue, and distress the mishaps. They have been engaging for many years especially rescuing from lakes, trekking trails, disseminating information, and providing accurate information and security.
Every nook and corner of this small nation Nepal can be easily traversed by this security personnel. Hence, rest assured! You are welcome to wander in your solitude.

6. President of Nepal is also a woman: Bidhya Devi Bhandari
Not only the president but also there are many female presidents in the Ministries of the Government of Nepal. It is a beautiful nation perched in the lap of the Himalayas and most importantly a female-friendly nation where ladies are regarded as a sacred creation of Gods.

7. Safer and Wider Roads’ Connectivity
Gone are the day’s visitors have to walk all the way up to the settlements from main cities like Pokhara, Kathmandu, Biratnagar, Dhangadi, etc. These days there are two options: Trekking and Tripping. One can trek or simply hike the whole journey whereas rolling on wheels can also assist you people to access your destination. It is up to you what sorts of travel mode you are going to enjoy.
Every corner of Nepal is connected with National Road Network, therefore we can easily get to the cities or towns nearby in case of emergency or extremities. At least one can reserve a four-wheeler in time of need.

8. Gregarious and Decent Locals :
While walking through the trails, passes, and villages in the countryside you will encounter Nepalese people who are still known for their bravery and are termed ‘Gurkhas’. Nepalese people adopt the principle of ‘Plain living High thinking. Namaste is a word with which people greet each other. Simply you need to press your hands together and say the word Namaste. And in return for your gesture, they will also reply with the largest and most welcoming smiles in the world. Believe me, Nepal’s people are some of the most friendly you will ever encounter on your world trip. Namaste means “the divine in me bows to the divine in you” in the Sanskrit language. Besides, they will tell you Namaste, sometimes offer food, and might invite you to local festivals. You can join them easily during your trip to Nepal.
Despite the size of Nepal, it is a more diverse country and home to multiple religions, races, tribes, and cultures than one can ever imagine. Over 100 ethnic groups with more than 125 languages and ethnicity reside here in harmony.

9. Nepal is digitizing exponentially:
YES! Nepal is on the verge of a technological revolution. Usage and coverage of 3G, 4G is common here. Internet is widely available hence we can easily access data and information regarding our trips and tours. Also, it helps in booking, communication, planning trips, and all. The bottom line is that technological advancement is not only simplifying the life or daily chores of people but also it is facilitating the stay of tourists.
Tough were the days when Nepalese people have to walk for more than 3 hours to make a single phone call which used to be unclear though. Today, at the high altitude also there is the presence of Solar energy and phones. At least we can make a call to our family or loved ones. It is good news for all of us.

10. Tourist-Friendly Destinations; Villages and Homestays:
These days internal tourism has tremendously increased. Especially Nepalese youngsters are roaming every nook and corner in the countryside.
Hence, the outcoming, as well as well-established destinations, are being more tourist-friendly in comparison to previous years. Each Village Development Committee has at least one Homestay or more. Also, tourist information centers are opening at necessary points. Another biggest boon for non-native dwellers is that there is no communication barrier in Nepal. People generally can communicate with basic English dialect.
Now, up to this point, I am pretty sure you guys can affirm that Nepal is much safer to travel and explore.
On a concluding note, as I happen to be a nature guide for more than a decade, what I want to suggest personally to all my readers, clients and guests is that Nepal is gradually developing along with an openness to all cultures. However, there might be some issues and precautions to be aware of while rambling in and around Nepal. It depends upon the individual also. I mean, while enjoying our rights and freedom we must be aware of others. In the name of liberality, we must do it in a controlled way.

And last but not the least, mainly for ladies, Nepal once was a conservative society and it’s changing in an exponential manner. Your outfit might matter. Hence, instead of wearing glamorous and fancy fashionable apparel I strongly recommend wearing what is to be i.e. as per the need of a place, climate, and surroundings.
Thank you!
Okay, See you in Nepal.


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